Westminster Commission on Autism

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Westminster Commission on Autism

Post by Kwilks » Fri 01 Jun , 2018 1:11 pm

Several years ago, a cross-party, cross-sector group of Parliamentarians, autistic people, parents/carers, charities, academics and health professionals were commissioned to look at Autism & the struggles autistic people in the UK are facing. I've made reference to them before, and Autism Ambassadors may recall me referencing their statistics during Q&A sessions at several of our presentations at Queen's Hospital & King George's Hospital over the last year. Most of these statistics come from a report published in July 2016; titled A Spectrum of Obstacles: An Inquiry into Access to Healthcare for Autistic People (https://westminsterautismcommission.fil ... y-2016.pdf).

Since I only have one physical copy that I can't exactly share, I thought I'd track down the PDF link and post it here. You can either read it online or download it - either way, it's there to access and worth looking at if you want to get a feel for the details of autistic access to healthcare, or have some statistics ready for debate's sake.

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Re: Westminster Commission on Autism

Post by AlexRowley » Tue 28 Aug , 2018 10:33 am

Oh, Only just seen this post! Thanks, I've been wanting to give it a look in my own time, and I think my Mum will be interested too! :D
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