Posting and Profile Guidelines [Please Read]

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Posting and Profile Guidelines [Please Read]

Post by AlexRowley » Fri 02 Mar , 2018 3:46 pm

Posting and Profile Guidelines

Below you will find some simple instructions on how how your posts and profiles should look. These are intended to reading the forums easier for everyone, so please do follow them. We reserve the right to change your posts and profile if they break these guidelines.

When posting...
  • Post in the most appropriate space
    When you create a new thread, please try to place it in the forum that best fits what you want to discuss.
  • Use descriptive titles
    Make sure the title of your thread indicates clearly what it is about.
  • No multiple-posts
    Please don't post the same thread in multiple forums.
  • No double-posting
    Please don't make multiple posts in a row in the same topic. remember you can edit your posts if you think of something you'd like to add.
  • Avoid Necro-posting
    Unless you have something important to contribute, please avoid posting in "dead" threads (haven't been posted in for the last six months).
  • Do not embed giant images
    If you want to include an image bigger than 1200x1200 pixels, please link to it rather than embedding in your post.

In your profile...
  • Signature height
    The total height of your signature should not be bigger than 200 pixels
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